Monday, April 16, 2012

#8 She's the girl that no one ever knows


BAAAAAAA! Terkejut tak? Oh tak ke? Tak mengapa.

Yesterday I went to Sunway Pyramid with my parents and my 3 annoying sisters. Memikirkan almari ku yang kesempitan baju (nangis) lalu aku dengan excitednya mengajak mak membeli baju baru. Yeeeeaaaayyyy, look what I've got myself (after searching for almost an hour)....a new floral blouse! Me likey :)

(Yer, betul tu. Aku patut pakai kasut -.-)

I'm not really good at styling this kind of dress, ie: maxi dan menggelebeh (if you know what that means) but I think it looks nice when paired with a belt. What you think of it? :)


photos courtesy : Hijabi's Lookbook.

Till here, have a nice day everyone! :)

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